Best Strength Weapon in Dark Souls 2

What is the Best Strength Weapon in Dark Souls 2?

Dark Souls 2 has been around for quite a while, but a rare hero has enough patience and knowledge to get through this hardcore mess and nail every overpowered fiend of darkness on their way. Whether you prefer slaying mobs left and right or doing pretty much the same to other gamers, you need a decent weapon. The devs did a great job hiding the best ones from the majority of players. With this guide, you’ll learn how to get yourself a couple of legendary weapons and what properties they have.

The best weapon for PVE

So, the most dangerous opponents in the game are bosses, no surprise here. But often they’re guarded by no less deadly monsters. You’ll have a hard time dealing with them without a killer weapon.


The item is hidden in a chest in the Shrine of Amana. Get to the Rise of the Dead and go through the door. You can only do this after talking with the hollow Milfanito. Then head to the altar, where you’ll meet the boss. Then go down the stairs and turn left on the bridge. In the chest, you’ll find Manslayer, which has physical (153) and poison (50) damage. It’s perfect for battles with opponents with a lot of HP. Consider upgrading the weapon for poison damage if you want to greatly boost the damage from the debuff.

Crypt Blacksword

In Dark Souls 2, the best weapon would probably be the Crypt Blacksword paired with the Sacred Chime Hammer. In the power stance, these two cuties are capable of inflicting the maximum possible damage in the game, but you’ll have to bump up your character to the strength of 60. To get Blacksword, you’ll need 10,000 souls and the Old Dead One Soul. Once you get everything you need, go to Ornifex.

The best weapon for PVP

Monsters aren’t the only threat in the game. The greatest danger often comes from fellow gamers who tend to appear at the most unexpected moments. Make sure you have a sweet devastating surprise for them. Huge damage will help to defeat any boss in the game and take a rogue player down if the need arises.

Black Dragon Greataxe

According to legend, this weapon was forged from a dragon’s tail. This legendary item can greatly boost your strength. If you’re going to upgrader it, use raw or mundane stone. To get your hands on this killer weapon, head to the Dragon Shrine and look for the knights with two axes. It drops extremely rarely, so put on something that increases the chance of a drop.

Chaos Blade

The blade deals devastating damage. However, every attack also deals damage to the hero. Only with a critical hit in the back will the blade will spare the character. For the max effect, upgrade for dark damage. You can only get the Chaos Blade in Ng+. This will require the Old Witch Soul and 10,000 souls. Once you’ve collected everything, head to Ornifex.