YouTube to launch kid-friendly app on Monday

As expected, YouTube is ready to unveil a kid-friendly application. The app will reportedly feature select original TV shows for children as well as content from existing YouTube channels.

The new app will be free and sport a design meant for kids with big, bulbous icons and minimal scrolling. In addition, it will pack parental controls.

According to a report in The Wall Street Journal, the YouTube for Kids app will be officially unveiled on Monday i.e. February 23, at the Kidscreen Summit by YouTube exec Malik Ducard.

It is unclear what will be the monetisation strategy by Google for the application as it is likely to spend money on acquiring original content for it.

“The possibility of generating revenue by displaying ads in the app was said to be under discussion. In that case, Google likely would find plenty of advertisers looking to buy spots,” wrote WSJ.

No other details are available at this point, but we expect to see the app to be released for all major platforms. We will be back with the official details on Monday.

Update: USA Today is reporting that the app will be called YouTube kids and will first be released only on Android.